About me!

a description of me in English:
my name is Werner, but mostly I'll wernersen or skoschi called thing I like more...  :o)

I shoot up to 180cm, and burden the earth with a weight of 80kg - sometimes more, sometimes less

I was born on 08.16.1967 in Oelde in Westphalia. A place with about 30,000 inhabitants. there I learned the profession of the glass, continues to carry on after I broke my old company now in bochum

I'm interested in sport as a fan (motor sport and martial arts) and hit me even a little bit into it. I practice hapkido and arnis modern whenever they are not my lust and leisure. also I like spinning and fitness in the studio. Other hobbies are mainly photography. I like to visit garden shows as well. I have added a certain love for the railroad in me ....
musically I'm mainly on heavy metal. some classical charts and I let down too and go through at times. I also find fascinating Irish folk and the corresponding tap-dancing